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2023-02-22: CCAA Collaborates with Keiretsu Forum to Launch the Global Plan for Chinese Entrepreneurs

CCAA collaborates with Keiretsu Forum to launch the Global Plan for Chinese Entrepreneurs, providing continuous opportunities and channels for high-quality Chinese entrepreneurs to expand their businesses globally.

“The Global Plan for Chinese Entrepreneurs” is a collaborative project between CCAA and Keiretsu Forum, providing international entrepreneurship opportunities and services for Chinese entrepreneurs. The program consists of four stages: recruitment and selection, overseas acceleration, domestic incubation, and achievement showcase, aiming to help Chinese entrepreneurs achieve international business expansion, promote cross-border innovation and entrepreneurship cooperation.

Through this program, Chinese entrepreneurs participate in the Canadian Start-up Visa Program (SUV) federal entrepreneurship project and obtain entrepreneurial opportunities. The program is designed to attract and support innovative and entrepreneurial talents from around the world, allowing eligible international entrepreneurial teams to conduct their entrepreneurial activities in Canada. CCAA and Keiretsu Forum will provide comprehensive support and guidance to eligible Chinese entrepreneurs.

As the designated authorized agency of the Canadian federal government, Keiretsu Forum is qualified to issue letters of support to international entrepreneurs. As a member of Keiretsu Forum, CCAA can recommend projects to Keiretsu Forum, invest in them to support project development, and assist project members in obtaining letters of support.

For projects that have passed the review, China Canada Angel Alliance will provide landing support for overseas enterprises, including but not limited to enterprise establishment, incubator or address selection, financial and tax law, 1V1 visit and intercommunication of member enterprises, financing, talent recommendation, local business network connection, North American listing consulting services and other entrepreneurs/entrepreneurs.Moreover, the project will provide opportunities for entrepreneurs to establish connections and communicate with local investors and entrepreneurs in Canada, promoting cross-border innovation, entrepreneurship cooperation, and development.

In summary, The project will provide comprehensive support and guidance to eligible Chinese entrepreneurs, aiming to help them expand into international markets, enhance their cross-cultural communication and collaboration capabilities, and obtain resources and support from overseas and domestic sources. Under the plan, China Canada Angel Alliance will provide support letters to 50 Chinese start-up projects annually.

The program is aimed at experienced Chinese entrepreneurs who are interested in expanding their business to the North American market. The program requires project founders to have a global vision, innovative spirit, and an exciting business plan and vision suitable for conducting business in Canada and expanding to global markets. Other mandatory requirements include that project founders and all core team members must meet the standard requirements for the IELTS score, and that all applicants must have a clean criminal record.

The background of the collaboration between CCAA and Keiretsu Forum to launch the Global Plan for Chinese Entrepreneurs Program is that both organizations are committed to promoting investment and entrepreneurial cooperation and recognize the enormous business opportunities between China and Canada. As a global angel investor network, Keiretsu Forum has a large network of investors and abundant investment resources, while CCAA focuses on providing resources and support for Chinese entrepreneurs to help them establish businesses in Canada. The collaboration between the two organizations aims to fully leverage their respective strengths and resources to provide more support and opportunities for Chinese entrepreneurs, and to promote business cooperation and cultural exchange between China and Canada.

The significance of the Global Plan for Chinese Entrepreneurs Program builds on that it provides a supportive and collaborative ecosystem to help Chinese entrepreneurs succeed in the North American market. By providing a range of support and resources, including assistance with the Canadian SUV program application, investment opportunities, business consulting and training, and business cooperation opportunities, the program can help Chinese entrepreneurs expand their businesses, enter the North American market, and promote investment and entrepreneurial cooperation between China and Canada. At the same time, the program can also promote business connections and cultural exchange between China and Canada, creating more opportunities for sustainable business relationships between entrepreneurs from the two countries. Against the backdrop of the Canadian government’s strong support for entrepreneurship and innovation, the Chinese Entrepreneurs Program provides a more convenient way for Chinese entrepreneurs to enter the North American market.”

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