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2022-03-24: Cyclica has reached cooperation with 10 top academic institutions to jointly promote the research and development of small molecule drugs

n March 2022, the Canadian biotechnology company Cyclica, an investment enterprise of the China Canada Angel Alliance (CCAA) managed by Zhongguancun Dahe Capital, announced that it had entered into cooperation with 10 new top academic institutions, including Duke University and Brown University, to jointly promote the research and development of small molecule drugs.

Cyclica’s vision is to promote a sustainable drug discovery pipeline. Since its inception, the company has been vigorously supporting the development of academic research, because cutting-edge academic research is the basis of drug research and development. Recently, Cyclica has established cooperation with the following academic institutions in different therapeutic fields such as oncology and neuroscience:

Oncology: Duke University, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Josep Carrera Leukaemia Research Institute, Oregon Health&Science University North Carolina State University and The University of California, San Francisco

Neuroscience: Brown University and The University of California, San Francisco

Inflammatory diseases: The University of Minnesota

Autoimmune diseases: The University of Washington

Metabolic diseases: Rutgers University

Virology/Infectious Diseases: Saint Louis University

The Cyclica Academic Partnerships Program or CAPP aims to facilitate academic research and accelerate drug discovery through the AI drug discovery platform. These cooperation will combine the professional knowledge of academic circles and research institutions in disease biology with the artificial intelligence and pharmaceutical chemistry research platform of Cyclica. The cooperation mode of risk and benefit sharing will produce new therapies with academic and commercial applications. Dr. Vern Di Biasi, Chief Partnership Officer, said: “Cyclica has benefited a lot from its cooperation with leading academic institutions. Through CAPP, we hope to bring value to the academic community. We look forward to seeing these partnerships bring promising results to patients.”

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