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2019-06-22: Global Plan for Chinese Entrepreneurs – 中国创业者全球计划


The China Canada Angel Alliance in conjunction with the Ontario Center of Excellence, not only brings quality Canadian entrepreneurs and projects to China, but also continues to provide quality Chinese entrepreneurs/entrepreneurs with opportunities and access to the sea, select Outstanding Chinese entrepreneurs/entrepreneurs to set up global innovative business in Canada.

2.本项目依托加拿大联邦移民局的Start-up Visa Program开展,通过审核的创业项目,CCAA将协助出具多伦多、渥太华、滑铁卢地区,加拿大联邦移民局指定机构的支持信,加拿大联邦移民局将为项目创始人与核心团队成员全部家庭成员,审核办理枫叶卡,以帮助创业者/企业家解决跨境开展全球化业务时的签证繁琐问题,并帮助出海企业符合高科技企业在加拿大的研发费用补贴政策
The Program is based on the Start-up Visa Program of the Federal Immigration Service of Canada. The China Canada Angel Alliance will assist in issuing letters of support from Toronto,Ottawa,Waterloo and other organizations designated by the Federal Immigration Service of Canada for approved Start-up programs, the Federal Office for Immigration Canada will review and approve Maple Leaf cards for all family members of the project’s founders and Core Team members to help entrepreneurs/entrepreneurs solve visa issues when doing global business across borders, and to help overseas enterprises in line with high-tech Enterprises in Canada’s R & D costs subsidy policy.

Under the plan, China Canada Angel Alliance will provide support letters to 50 Chinese start-up projects annually


Founder of the project and all core team members, with an IELTS score of 5 or above in Category G.
The project founder has had experience in entrepreneurship/financing/enterprise management in the past, which can be the founder, co-founder, partner, CXO, etc.
The project founder has a global vision and innovative spirit.
The founder of the project has an exciting business plan and vision, which is suitable for launching in Canada and expanding to the global market.
All applicants have no criminal record.

5.具体申请流程:本项目涉及枫叶卡发放,按照加拿大联邦移民局的要求,必须前置核验申请人与创业项目,以确保符合加拿大的相关规定。前置核验/项目初筛工作由CCAA出海事务承办机构 Global Base负责,项目终审及支持信发放由CCAA负责,枫叶卡的终审发放由加拿大联邦移民局负责
Specific application process: This project involves the issuance of Maple Leaf Cards. According to the requirements of the Canadian Federal Immigration Office, applicants and entrepreneurial projects must be pre examined to ensure compliance with relevant Canadian regulations. Global Base, the China Canada Angel Alliance sea going affairs organization, is responsible for the pre inspection/project preliminary screening, China Canada Angel Alliance is responsible for the final review of the project and the issuance of the letter of support, and the Canadian Federal Immigration Office is responsible for the final review of the maple leaf card.

For projects that have passed the review, China Canada Angel Alliance will provide landing support for overseas enterprises in Toronto, Waterloo and Ottawa, including but not limited to enterprise establishment, incubator or address selection, financial and tax law, 1V1 visit and intercommunication of member enterprises, financing, talent recommendation, local business network connection, government fund and subsidy application, North American listing consulting services and other entrepreneurs/entrepreneurs.

Staff can be added for consultation. The project review of China Canada Angel Alliance needs to be scheduled. Please arrange the time and sign up for preliminary screening 2 to 3 months in advance.

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