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2022-06-23: The first roadshow for China-Canada technology Enterprise Exchange and Innovation was successfully held to promote the efficient docking of resources between China and Canada

Gather innovation resources and link the industrial development of China and Canada. On June 23, Canada Station of 2022 Overseas Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Week – the first docking activity of China Canada science and technology enterprises exchange and innovation was successfully held.

The activities include offline venues in Nanjing, online venues in Toronto and online venues in Beijing, aiming to promote the innovation and entrepreneurship policies in Gulou District of Nanjing and the overall situation of Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute/Yangtze River Delta National Innovation Center, and promote the effectiveness of the joint construction of China Canada overseas collaborative innovation centers.

Wang Lijuan, Deputy District Head of the People’s Government of Gulou District, Nanjing City, heads of the Science and Technology Bureau, the Commerce Bureau and the Management Committee of Gulou District, Nanjing City, Dr. Luo Benjin, Chief Scientist of the Yangtze River Delta National Technology Innovation Center/Jiangsu Institute of Industrial Technology, Dr. Song Yijun, representative of the provincial government in China and commercial counselor of the Canadian Embassy in China, Mao Hai, Secretary General of the Angel Hundred, and Wang Tong, founding partner of the CCAA China Canada Angel Alliance, were present, Cooperate with representatives of Canadian innovative technology enterprises, representatives of domestic and foreign investment institutions, representatives of enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta, representatives of government parks, etc.

Wang Lijuan, Deputy District Head of the People’s Government of Gulou District, Nanjing, made a detailed introduction to the basic economic and social situation, scientific and technological innovation development and scientific and technological innovation policies of Gulou District, Nanjing.

Wang Lijuan said that since 2018, Nanjing Municipal Government has issued “Innovation No. 1 Document” for four consecutive years, striving to build a leading national innovative city. Wang Lijuan mainly introduced Gulou District’s resource endowment, innovation strength, all-domain innovation and the layout of creating urban silicon alley. Combined with this activity, she introduced to overseas entrepreneurs the “Zijinshan Talented Pioneer Plan — High-level innovative and entrepreneurial Talents Project” which will be applied soon. Wang Lijuan talked about: We will continue to strengthen the docking and communication with Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute, China-Canada Angel Alliance and the Committee of 100 Angels. Based on the advantages of Drum Tower and the platform of Nanjing (Canada) Overseas Collaborative Innovation Center, we will simultaneously promote enterprises to “go global” and projects to “bring in”, continue to promote friendly exchanges between China and Canada, and write a new chapter of openness, integration and mutual benefit.

Dr. Luo Benjin, the chief scientist of the Yangtze River Delta National Technology Innovation Center/Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute, introduced the situation of the Yangtze River Delta National Technology Innovation Center/Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute in detail.

Luo Benjin gave a detailed introduction to the functional positioning of the National Innovation Center’s “Science and Technology System Reform Pilot Field”, “Innovation Resource Allocation Hub”, “Major Technology Collaborative Tackling Platform”, and “High quality Industrial Development Booster”. Luo Benjin said that the Center is committed to introducing international innovation resources into the Yangtze River Delta by building two bridges: “the bridge between science and industry” and “the bridge between the world and the Yangtze River Delta”. As of May 2022, Guochuang Center has established cooperation with a total of 72 overseas institutions, and set up 7 overseas incubators and representative offices. At the same time, the Center has set up R&D carriers in Jiangsu, Shanghai and other places. At present, there are more than 10000 R&D personnel, more than 1000 enterprises have been incubated, more than 5500 technologies have been transformed, and 18000 enterprises have been served.

Mao Hai, secretary-general of the Angel 100 Society, introduced the specific situation of the Angel 100 Society. As the first alliance angel investment organization registered by the national civil affairs department in China, the Hundred Angels Association has more than 100 certified members and member institutions, mainly composed of professional investment institutions with rich industrial capital and entrepreneurs with rich industrial resources who have been engaged in nearly 20 years of deep cultivation, and dabbled in TMT, AI, ICT, education, medical care and general health. Mao Hai said that he was very happy to communicate with Gulou District, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute and our excellent enterprises in Canada and hoped to strengthen cooperation in the future to jointly promote innovation between China and Canada.

This China-Canada technology Enterprise Exchange and Innovation activity specially introduced 4 Canadian hard technology enterprises with the intention of landing in Canada. Including the new nanomaterial project NNT with world-class biomaterials technology; MARI, an advanced robot workstation project dedicated to complex surface processing and flexible automatic processing applications; It has won many technical awards in the industry and won the kitchen waste treatment project Genecis recognized by world-class well-known enterprises; It is currently developing Mech Solutions, a revolutionary AI-driven 3D printing cloud management platform.

Most roadshow enterprises have strong R&D teams and continuous R&D capabilities, have many years of relevant experience in related fields, and maintain in-depth R&D cooperation with world-class institutions, including the University of Toronto, and national laboratories.

As a bridge for the construction of China Canada innovation ecology, the China Canada Angel Alliance and the China Canada Joint Venture Camp have been committed to building a cross-border investment ecosystem for early innovation and entrepreneurship enterprises in Canada, and take China, the world’s largest and fastest growing consumer market, as a platform to provide broader development space for outstanding overseas projects. Over the seven years since its establishment, it has provided more than 20 million Canadian dollars of financing for more than 40 start-ups in Ontario, and has found partners or co founded companies for 16 enterprises in China. Even under the influence of the COVID-19, the China Canada Joint Venture Camp helped its student enterprises achieve several hundred million Canadian dollars of financing.

Subsequently, the China Canada Angel Alliance and the China Canada Joint Venture Camp will cooperate with the China Canada partners to organize the Canadian science and technology enterprise roadshow docking activities on a quarterly basis, build a bridge between the government and the industrial research institute for overseas excellent enterprises to land in China, and promote overseas enterprises to enter the Chinese market more quickly.

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